Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ropes Course at Falls Creek

I am so excited! I made this collage (using Picasa) of Jakob climbing on ropes course last summer at Falls Creek Youth Camp. This is the 3rd year Jakob has climbed and each year he gets a little higher. We have to remember...Jake won't even be old enough to GO to youth camp until the summer of 2009! The perks of being a youth pastors son. I would imagine that by the time he is a youth he will have it mastered.

I have some great pictures of Zhakery making it to the top and ringing the bell which is 35 feet in the air! I will post those soon. In fact, I even have shots of Rylee giving it her best try. ME you might ask...HA HA HA HA! Many of you who know me know that I am terrified of heights! No ropes course for this Mom...I cheer and encourage from the ground. Jeff has helped with the ropes the last two years, but the first year he did climb a pole that was 35 feet high and the goal was to jump off...yes I said jump off to a net. WHATEVER!

This is always an awesome day for the whole group. The workers discuss how it feels to be encouraged and to step outside of their comfort zone. Then we discuss how it is so scary trusting others even with the ropes and harnesses. All of this is related to the security we have in Jesus Christ and how he calls us to bold and courageous for Him.


Aspen said...

Amazing fun! I did this once and loved it!

Aspen said...

weird! this is steph. I don't know how it posted with Aspen's info! said...

Our son went to Falls Creek this summer too. He came back sunburned, sleepy, maybe an inch taller.

He's 15, and went with the Byng New Bethel Baptist group.

Hope your had as good a time as ours!