Sunday, November 13, 2011

Long blog...

WOW!! I can't believe I really haven't blogged in over 3 years!! Lot's has happened since then. I graduated from college...Cum Laude I might add :), and I am now in my 4th year teaching. For three years I taught reading, language, and math for 5th grade special education students. This last summer I was given the opportunity to teach ALL MATH!!! I LOVE IT!! This fits great with my master's degree I am working on in the area of Math Specialist.

Jeff, my awesome husband of almost 20 years, will graduate from college in May 2012!! He has worked so incredibly hard going to school and working full time for the last several years. I am so incredibly proud of him I can not even put it into words!! This will be a wonderful celebration for our family!

My kiddos are now: Zhak- 18, Jake- 15, and Rylee- 10. Zhak has graduated from high school and now in his first year at SOSU. Jake has entered high school...yes we will have endured 12 YEARS of high school by the time everyone is graduated! Rylee is now attending my school where I teach and she is in 5th grade...I am loving it!

I am looking forward to getting back into blog and finish the updates of all the great things going on in the Bradford Fam!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rylee's turn on the Ropes Course

Well, just like her brothers, Rylee desperately wanted to try the ropes course. As you can see, she was not nearly as excited once she got started. However, she did try her best and now she talks about trying again next year! Rylee is pretty good at this camp thing considering she has spent the last 3 summers at Falls Creek. She celebrated her 4th, 5th, and 6th birthday there!
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Here are the latest pictures of our awesome kitty, "Tiger". He is the funniest cat! I swear he thinks he is a dog. He runs through our house chasing people...usually Rylee. He will even run after things that you throw, like a pencil or hair scrunchy:-) He runs to the kitchen when we call him for treats! You might say he is a spoiled kitty!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Jakob's 5th grade teacher Mrs. Moore pulled many strings this year to allow the kids the opportunity a chance to go to Oklahoma City to visit the state capitol. I was able to go with Jakob and we had a wonderful trip. The kids were able to sit in the seats of Senators and even take a vote. The kids also had the chance to ask Senator Paul Gumm; the kids asked some really good questions I might add!

1st Chair All-District

Zhak recently participated in the band all-district competetion for Southeastern Oklahoma and walked away with 1st chair baritone!! We are so proud of him. Zhak is a very talented baritone player. In the last three years he has earned this position; 7th grade he was 2nd chair concert, 8th grade he was 3 chair symphonic, and this year 1st chair. He loves playing his instrument and is going to begin learning the trombone because he would like to play in the jazz band!!
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In the past, I have always discourage my boys, and yes I am ashamed, of doing the Science Fair projects. I have done this because I always thought there was too much to them and I now realize that I was over thinking the whole thing! Unlike her brothers, Rylee was not as easily discouraged. SOOOOO, we pulled out the trusty "Last Minute Science Fair Projects" book and gave her several choices of projects that seemed doable to me. We watched flower petals, documented, took pictures and all that stuff the way we were supposed to. Rylee takes her project to school last week, and low and behold, SHE RECEIVED 3RD PLACE!!! I also realized that I was making much more out of this whole Science Fair thing than I should have been. She had a blast doing it (and she actually did not even know there were "winners" until Mrs. Wingfield called and told us) and really got satisfaction out of completing the project. Needless to say, the next time one of my children wants to participate...I will encourage the endeavor!

High School Musical 2 Premiere Party!

When we still lived in Mesquite, Texas, Rylee was very excited about the premiere of High School Musical 2 as were about a million other little girls. Well, I told Rylee we would boot all the boys out of our house (you know the two of us are a littly out numbered in our house) and have a party to watch the movie. The closer the day got the more girls we had that wanted to come...teenage girls from our youth group of which Jeff was the youth pastor at the time. So as you can see, Rylee had two of her very good friends, Rachal (whose Daddy is now the youth minister) and Hailey, came over as well as several teenagers. The girls had a blast with lots of food and singing and Becca sported the ballerina outfit for us! Rylee still talks about this night!

Angie's 40th Birthday!

You know it's funny how some friendships just stand the test of time. This is one of my dearest friends, Angie for those of you who may not know her. She turned 40 last September and these are pictures of her surprise party. We had so much fun. Many of these are pictures of people that I have known for more than 20 years and Angie has known some of them even longer. It is so much fun to get together with people and see how there lives have grown and changed. It does not matter how much time passes before we see each other again, Angie and I pick up right were we left off...dear friends connected at the heart! I am blessed to call her my FRIEND!
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This is why I love living in Oklahoma!! We have basically no winter when you expect March we have two snow storms (remember: for us this was a storm) in 3 days!! You know, on the Saturday before it snowed we were almost 80 degrees! I hate the cold and wet so this is perfect for me. Here this morning and gone this afternoon! You gotta love living in the South!
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The Many Faces of Rylee

As many of you know my dear Rylee, here are just a few of our pictures from a multitude of photo sessions that take place each week. She loves the camera and I thought a few of you may get a kick out of these. She frequently comes out of her room dressed up and ready for a photo shoot. I have been often asked if I considered letting her participate in Oklahoma Shakespearean Festival...this may be the year:-) SHE CRACKS ME UP!!
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First Day of Student Teaching

So I began my student teaching on February 8th, just happened to be Zhak's 15th birthday as well, and to my wonderful surprise these arrived just as I was leaving for lunch! Of course, they were from my beloved Jeff and the kids. He wrote the most wonderful card about succeeding, reaching my goals, and of course finally being able to get a job...hehe! I am blessed to have a family that has believed in me through these tedious years of completing my 20 year college plan:-)
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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Trip to Big Mama's House

Some time last year my sister, Cristi, and I took all of our kiddo's to Corsicana to visit our grandmother; affectionately known as Big Mama. We had a great time and my grandmother loved getting to see her great-grandchildren. Unfortunately, we don't get to see her as often as we would like. We love her and she loved seeing the kids!
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Monday, January 14, 2008

Update to Rope's Course at Falls Creek

As I have posted about before, the kids always have an opportunity to climbed on the ropes course at Falls Creek. Well, these are the pictures of Zhakery climbing last summer. He has made it to the top to ring the bell the last 2 years. It is amazing to watch how fast he moves to the top. As most of you know, Zhak is about 6 feet tall so he can actually reach the next level each time he stands! I always love the day of the ropes course!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ropes Course at Falls Creek

I am so excited! I made this collage (using Picasa) of Jakob climbing on ropes course last summer at Falls Creek Youth Camp. This is the 3rd year Jakob has climbed and each year he gets a little higher. We have to remember...Jake won't even be old enough to GO to youth camp until the summer of 2009! The perks of being a youth pastors son. I would imagine that by the time he is a youth he will have it mastered.

I have some great pictures of Zhakery making it to the top and ringing the bell which is 35 feet in the air! I will post those soon. In fact, I even have shots of Rylee giving it her best try. ME you might ask...HA HA HA HA! Many of you who know me know that I am terrified of heights! No ropes course for this Mom...I cheer and encourage from the ground. Jeff has helped with the ropes the last two years, but the first year he did climb a pole that was 35 feet high and the goal was to jump off...yes I said jump off to a net. WHATEVER!

This is always an awesome day for the whole group. The workers discuss how it feels to be encouraged and to step outside of their comfort zone. Then we discuss how it is so scary trusting others even with the ropes and harnesses. All of this is related to the security we have in Jesus Christ and how he calls us to bold and courageous for Him.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Scrap Booking 17 years worth of photos!!

Okay, so my two boys birthdays are coming up at the end of January and the first of February (so much for good family planning) and I decided to put together two for each child. I have been working like a mad woman trying to organize the most current events in their lives as well as the baby pagers I already have done. I got this wild idea last weekend...this is my way of doing things, and I thought it might be a cool thing just from me on their 15th and 12th birthdays.I want to have it completed by January 19th because that is the day of the family birthday party!!! Crazy or not, the kids have always gotten a big kick out of all the pictures we take so hopefully this will be special just for them. Of course this does mean I will need to add to my daughters by June!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

My first post!

Hello Everyone!

Well this is my first post. I have a friend who posts regularly and she seems to have a blast doing decided to give it a try myself. I'm going to use my space to post thoughts and events that take place in the world of Bradford.
By the way, the picture is our family kitty named Tiger. He is an awesome kitty...eventhough he does have a thing for our Betta named Blue!